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Eau De Chalamet Room Spray

Eau De Chalamet Room Spray

Your favorite This Smells Like Timothee Chalamet candle scent now in a room + linen spray.

Our room + linen sprays are a great way to refresh any room or linens, blankets, pillows, or couches!


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  • Cruelty Free + Vegan
  • Phthalate Free Fragrance
  • Made in Dallas, TX
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Peach, bergamot, mandarin, magnolia, sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk, vanilla


Room + Linen Spray:
Our room + linen sprays work best when sprayed directly onto fabrics.

6 fl oz

Made in Texas

WARNING: Keep away from children and pets. Do not use near an open flame, heat, sparks, or hot surfaces. Do not ingest. Do not spray directly at eyes, mouth, nose, or ears.

How To Use

Shake well and spray a few spritzes of our fine-mist room + linen spray in any room, or on a patch tested fabric from 6-8 inches away. Do not over saturate fabric.

**ALWAYS do a patch test when using this product on any fabric. Product may not be compatible with all fabrics**